27 Years and Counting

Today I have officially lived with Type 1 Diabetes for 27 years. And counting 🙂

Man, that sounds like a long time. And tonight I realized that diabetes has played a role in every single major milestone I have reached in my adult life. But the catch is I didn’t let it STOP me from doing any of those things. It just got to go along for the ride. And every day, 24/7 it’s a goal to not let it take the drivers seat, even though it occasionally wins I always regain control of the wheel.

Back to my milestones ….

Since I was diagnosed as a 17 year old senior in high school I have accomplished so many things.

I graduated high school.

I graduated college.

I have met friends I never would have met if it weren’t for my Diabetes.

I got married. ❤️

I have traveled across the world multiple times.

I delivered a healthy baby boy.

I ran a 5k with my son.

I have been involved with JDRF for 26 years in many different capacities.

I delivered 2 more healthy baby boys. At once. 😉

I ran a 10k.

I competed in CG Games.

I have traveled to so many places in the country with my husband, my family, and with my best friend.

I’ve advocated on Capitol Hill for Diabetes.

And so much more.

I’m proud of all I’ve accomplished these last 27 years and I can’t wait to see what the next 27+ years will bring!!

About Shannon

I am a wife, a mommy, and a Type 1 diabetic (since '92.) I have had two successful pregnancies - one of which was with twins. I wear an insulin pump- - off and on for 21 years; most recently on the Medtronic pump and Dexcom CGM. I am not a medical professional, nor am I giving medical advice. I am just sharing my day to day stories of someone who lives with this disease every day. My ultimate goal is to raise awareness.
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2 Responses to 27 Years and Counting

  1. Tina G. says:

    You are so wonderful. I giggled at the ‘delivered two more baby boys – at once’ line. You really are one kickass woman and I am lucky to call you friend.

  2. Rick Phillips says:

    Hey, I am at 45 years, you are catching up with me. So yeah I will have to go another year to get it back. Geese, I hate being pushed. 🙂


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