Panko is the culprit

pankoThe other night I tried a new recipe – meatball sliders. They were so yummy! And so very easy to make. I even counted all the carbs and had to swag a wee bit but felt confident I’d pretty much nailed it. Started dinner with a perfect bg in the 90s.

Then about an hour and a half later, I was over 250. What the what? I chased that high for a few hours … Thought maybe it was a fluke.

Next day – rinse and repeat. Had a perfect bg all morning, then ate 2 leftover sliders for lunch. Same thing happened – shot up over 250 about an hour later.

Ok, now I had to figure out what the heck was going on .. it was obviously not just a fluke anymore. I went back through the recipe.

Tomato sauce – 4g carbs per 1/4 cup
Slider bun – 17g each
Panko bread crumbs – oh wait … 20g per 1/4 cup

But still … I’d swag’d enough to surely cover the Panko … so what was it??

I called my good friend who is a mom to a cutie little T1 and she told me that it was likely the Panko breaking down differently, since technically it’s a rice, not a bread. Hmmm…. that must be it. A prime example of YDMV – she cooks with Panko all the time, and her T1 son never has a problem with spiking afterwards.

So since these little sliders were so yummy, I’m going to make them again (soon hopefully) and I’ll dual wave bolus for the meal and see if that makes a difference. Stay tuned.

But in the meantime … has anyone else experienced this with Panko bread crumbs??


About Shannon

I am a wife, a mommy, and a Type 1 diabetic (since '92.) I have had two successful pregnancies - one of which was with twins. I wear an insulin pump- - off and on for 17 years; currently on the Medtronic pump and CGM. I am not a medical professional, nor am I giving medical advice. I am just sharing my day to day stories of someone who lives with this disease every day. My ultimate goal is to raise awareness.
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3 Responses to Panko is the culprit

  1. StephenS says:

    No real experience with panko spiking more than anything else. But I’d be happy to test again if you can share the recipe:)

  2. Karen says:

    Hhmmmmm, very interesting. I love Panko for their crunch factor. I don’t recall them making me spike, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t and just assumed it was for a different reason. I’m going to pay closer attention next time.

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