Wordless Wednesday

How in the world does this happen?


And pay no attention to the calloused finger tips. That’s just what 20+ years of blood sugar checks will do to ya. 😉

About Shannon

I am a wife, a mommy, and a Type 1 diabetic (since '92.) I have had two successful pregnancies - one of which was with twins. I wear an insulin pump- - off and on for 17 years; currently on the Medtronic pump and CGM. I am not a medical professional, nor am I giving medical advice. I am just sharing my day to day stories of someone who lives with this disease every day. My ultimate goal is to raise awareness.
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6 Responses to Wordless Wednesday

  1. Carlyn says:

    Haha! I had a knot like this I posted the other day. I like to call it a talent that we possess as people we diabetes. Glad to have found your blog!

  2. Sara says:

    Just wait until the twins start thinking it is a toy! 😛

  3. Isn’t it absolutely mindblowing? How is it even possible?

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