DBlog Week – Fantasy Device

“Tell us what your Fantasy Diabetes Device would be?  Think of your dream blood glucose checker, delivery system for insulin or other meds, magic carb counter, etc etc etc.  The sky is the limit – what would you love to see?”

This one was easy for me. My fantasy device would be one that would enable me to only have one insertion site instead of two, like I currently have for my pump and my CGM.

I have an issue with scar tissue (I’m a poet and didn’t know it!) and with tape not sticking so if I could cut those annoyances in half?? I’d be winning.

I have so much more control when I wear the pump. And even more so when I wear the CGM.  I can catch my highs/lows much faster and correct them as necessary.  I have more flexibility with my meals and mealtimes.  I can sleep in on Saturdays if I want to (well, as much as my 4 year old will allow.)

But I have seriously debated over the last year or so on whether or not to go back on MDI.  I don’t want to.  But some days I am to the point of feeling like I’m going to have to, or else I’m going to run out of real estate in which to put both of these devices. 

I would even be willing to (*gulp*) insert a slightly bigger needle/cannula, if it meant that both of these devices could be connected.   Medtronic is already ahead of the game in that my CGM can at least talk to my pump.  The other pump manufacturers still require you to have a 3rd party involved (no offense, Dex!) so we’re moving in the right direction at least.  We’re just not there yet.

I listened to a research update recently and I know that it’s in the works for much more integration between the pump and CGM ..and I’m looking forward to what’s coming down the pipeline. (Come on, FDA! Let’s get a move on it, please??)  Maybe my fantasy can become reality one day!

But for the timebeing … that would be my fantasy device.  One site + Two devices = One happy Diabetic.

About Shannon

I am a wife, a mommy, and a Type 1 diabetic (since '92.) I have had two successful pregnancies - one of which was with twins. I wear an insulin pump- - off and on for 17 years; currently on the Medtronic pump and CGM. I am not a medical professional, nor am I giving medical advice. I am just sharing my day to day stories of someone who lives with this disease every day. My ultimate goal is to raise awareness.
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4 Responses to DBlog Week – Fantasy Device

  1. Scott E says:

    I hear you about the scar tissue. It’s really been becoming an issue for me lately, especially since starting the CGM and having two “skin penetrations” instead of one.

    I’ll gladly take the single-site device *if* they can get the reliability up (and cost down) on both the infusion and the sensor parts. When scar tissue causes insulin absorption issues, which is often, I really wouldn’t look forward to having to start a new sensor and wait a couple of hours for it to start working (and then a full day or so after that to get it working WELL). It’s nice that my sensor lasts, unofficially, more than three days, even though the cycle of changing that and the infusion set aren’t in sync.

    • Shannon says:

      All great points (as usual), Scott.

      And for what it’s worth .. those 2 hours to wait to calibrate – kick my butt almost every time. I either do it at the wrong time or I find myself starving while I’m waiting to finally get to bolus/eat breakfast.

  2. Sara says:

    Medtronic is working on it. The picture is a little fuzzy but they showed us a prototype of what they are working on when we were at their headquarters a few months ago.

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/saraknic/7217022920/ (where it says combo sensor)

    • Shannon says:

      I remember you guys talking about that… would LOVE for that to come out soon. It may mean the difference of me not having to go back on MDI. :/

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