Good customer service goes a long way

Anyone that has read my blog knows that I have been a happy Medtronic customer on and off for many years now.  I have always raved about their customer service (and have experienced the opposite end of the spectrum from one of their competitors :/  ) but on my own accord, I wanted to share how they have gone above and beyond in their efforts to take care of me this week.

Earlier in the week, I was having issues with the tape not sticking to my abdomen (both the infusion site and the CGM.)  I blogged about it, and when I blog, I also tweet the link on Twitter.  Medtronic saw the tweet, replied to it, and asked me to contact them.  I didn’t have a chance to do it that day, so the next day they called me.   How did they know my number, you might ask?  Someone took the time to look up my info in their system, that’s how.

And by the time the helpful rep (Eric) called me, he had read my blog and knew exactly what my problem was, and was armed with suggestions on workarounds.  I was beyond impressed.

He is sending me a tape kit to try. And suggested maybe trying the liquid adhesive.  And if the tape workaround doesn’t work, there is another infusion set that sounds very similar to the one that I wore back in the day that disconnects away from my body (Sof Set — I’m curious if any of you have tried this one?) so that I would be able to tape down the actual site itself.

I also have a box of IV3000 tape that I sometimes cut into strips to cover the outer edges (well there’s not really edges, since it’s a circle, but you know what I mean) of my infusion site.  I was just telling my husband the other day that maybe I could measure out the circumference of the infusion set, and cut a comparable hole in the tape, so it would cover the site, without inhibiting being able to disconnect.   And whaddaya know – they have a tape that is already cut to do that. I had no idea.  So Eric said he’d send me a sample of that as well.  

I’m super stoked about trying these options. And even more so, to know that there ARE options that might actually work. 

Ironically, I’m having other pump related issues that may make all of what I just said a moot point. I had a very rough day yesterday.  My sugars were staying in the high 300s most of the day. That’s what stress will do to me 😦  I will blog about it separately but I found out yesterday that I may have to go back on shots after this three month supply runs out, because our deductible is so high that we will basically be paying out of pocket all year for my pump supplies. And I’m not sure we can swing that right now. :/  Fingers crossed that we somehow work through this but at this point, I’m not sure how it will turn out.  Whatever happens, is what’s meant to be, and I’ll be ok. 🙂

About Shannon

I am a wife, a mommy, and a Type 1 diabetic (since '92.) I have had two successful pregnancies - one of which was with twins. I wear an insulin pump- - off and on for 17 years; currently on the Medtronic pump and CGM. I am not a medical professional, nor am I giving medical advice. I am just sharing my day to day stories of someone who lives with this disease every day. My ultimate goal is to raise awareness.
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5 Responses to Good customer service goes a long way

  1. Christina says:

    Yea for great customer service but boo for deductibles. I hope the new tape kit works well and more so that the insurance stuff is figured out.

  2. Keiran says:

    That is definitely some AWESOME customer service. More businesses need to be more like them!

    But yes – MASSIVE boo to the high deductibles. 😦

  3. Scott E says:

    It sure does. Have you been reading Wil’s “Life After Dx” blog lately ( He was also recently contacted by Medtronic after writing of his troubles on social media. This must be a new initiative for Medtronic. Personally, I think it’s a good move for them (it’s like when your bank calls you up because they noticed some unusual activity on your credit card, and just wanted to make sure it’s OK), but I don’t see how it can last. Eventually, they’ll either be accused of buying blog-praise, or people will catch on and tweet complaints in order to get free stuff. But I do believe their motives are pure. Good for them! I’m a proud Medtronic pumper myself.

    That said — and I hate to say this after the praise I’ve given in the above paragraph — but have you looked into Fifty50 Medical? They make Medtronic-compatible (though not Medtronic-endorsed) reservoirs and infusion sets. I’m not sure how the pricing compares, but it may be worth looking into. I’d hate for you to lose the ability to pump because of financial reasons.

    • Shannon says:

      Someone did direct me to Wil’s blog– I thought the same thing. I’m not looking for anything from Medtronic, just praising them on their great customer service. Spreading the word and just being honest.

      I haven’t looked into Fifty50 Medical. May need to explore all my options so I know what I’m getting into. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. I’ve had Medtronic call me after a Twitter rant, too. So impressive!

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