What are the odds?

I went to a brunch with my Mom this weekend with several of her retired co-workers.  (She started working for a large soft drink company that rhymes with Poke 😉 when I was only 3 years old.) If I heard it once, I heard it 10 times, “I’ve known you since you were *this* tall”  🙂  Mom and I sat at one of the big tables, in the middle, to leave plenty of room for people to fill in around us.   I put my purse under my chair, and pulled out my meter to sit on the table so I can check my sugar after I order my food.  A few minutes later, as the tables are filling up, this man that I didn’t know (husband of one of the retirees, probably mid-50s) sits next to me.  Out of the blue, he asks me, “Diabetic?”  Huh?  I say, “Yes sir, I am.”  Then he points to my meter I’d forgotten that I had sat on the table.

He says, “Which kind do you have?”

I say, “Type 1” and he chuckles and says, “I have what I like to call the ‘fat man’s diabetes’.”  (aka Type 2) lol  

We ended up talking for the entire two hours we were there, sharing “war stories” and cooking tips.  He was a large man, a truckdriver, wearing a cowboy hat.  But he turned into a big softie once we realized we had a connection.  He told me how he had gone to the dr for a sinus infection and when he explained how his vision had been blurry recently, they asked if he’d ever had his blood sugar checked.  He said, “No” and when they checked it, it was almost 600.  He spent 3 days in ICU and told me, “There’s nothing like spending 3 days in ICU to change your perspective on things. People look at you like you’re dying. I quit smoking, and I quit drinking.  That was 7 years ago, and I haven’t had to take any of my diabetes medicine for 3 years now.”  That’s awesome.

Then he said, “I don’t mean to sound personal, but what was your last A1C?  Then we compared notes on our numbers.   This was a man that I had just met 20ish minutes earlier, and here we were sharing personal information like we’d known each other our entire lives.  For you non-diabetics, a comparison of our conversation could be equivalent to you sitting down with a total stranger discussing your weight or your GPA.  It’s not something you just walk around telling people.  Unless they get it. And live it 24/7.

He told me how he has tweaked some of his favorite recipes to make them “diabetic friendly” and we both wholeheartedly agreed that we’re not a fan of sugar free foods.  (I’ll have to post on that separately one day.)  And how he has a weakness for sausage and has recently started cooking with turkey sausage and “it isn’t that bad”.

Statistics say that 1 in 10 people are affected by diabetes. So chances are, in that room of 44 people, there were probably at least 4 of us that were affected.  But out of all the tables/chairs to sit in that day ….  what are the odds that two of us would have been unknowingly sitting right beside one another. Coincidence? I think not. 😉


About Shannon

I am a wife, a mommy, and a Type 1 diabetic (since '92.) I have had two successful pregnancies - one of which was with twins. I wear an insulin pump- - off and on for 17 years; currently on the Medtronic pump and CGM. I am not a medical professional, nor am I giving medical advice. I am just sharing my day to day stories of someone who lives with this disease every day. My ultimate goal is to raise awareness.
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4 Responses to What are the odds?

  1. Those sort of d-meetups are always awesome to me. 🙂

  2. Mike Hoskins says:

    Those random D-Meetups are the best kind! Glad you came across a fellow PWD and had some good conversation. All thanks to the random placement of a BG meter on the table… amazing people-connector these D-devices can be! Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Scott E says:

    I’ve had people ask be about diabetes a couple of times because of my meter case. It’s odd how some people (people like us) can spot a black, nondescript pouch and know exactly what’s inside and why you’ve got it!

    • Shannon says:

      Very true. I don’t normally have mine out, it’s always in my purse. But this particular day I had taken it out so I could test quickly and not have to dig my purse back out from under my chair. If I hadn’t done that, then this guy and I would have never known what all we had in common! lol

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