It’s all about that ….. weight?

I’ve toyed around with the idea of getting a food scale for many years now but have honestly never had/used one. I’ve always believed in the usage of it .. but just never took the time to get one.

A good friend of mine got me one for my birthday this month (shout out, Suzanne!) and I’ve been playing around with it. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is I’m not nearly good at SWAG’ing as I thought I was! Especially when it comes to bananas.

I’ve always counted a banana as 15-20 carbs. If it was a smallish banana, I counted 15, and if it was biggish, it was 20. Boy, was I wrong. Did you know most of those bad boys are 40ish carbs?? I sure didn’t. The first time I weighed one last week and it said 41 carbs, I about fell over. And to be honest, I was hesitant to actually bolus for that many carbs because I’d been eating that same size for .. well, ever, and surely I’d have noticed that I was high afterwards? Or maybe not. [Insert plug here for why logging/wearing a CGM is so helpful in managing diabetes.]

So bottom line is I’d been underestimating my carbs big time .. which in layman terms means I’ve been taking about 1/2 the amount of insulin I’d needed to cover a meal. To those of you non-diabetics reading this … I have to account for every.single.carb I put in my mouth, whether it’s a cup of coffee w/ milk or creamer, or a piece of fruit, or a slice of pizza. That factors into how much insulin my pump gives me. So it’s imperative that I get as accurate as possible. A lot of times it’s a gamble and a guessing game. But I do try to get as close as possible.

And I’m not going to lie and say I don’t ask my husband or even my six year old to help me add up carbs in my meals. There’s a reason I wasn’t a math major. haha #truestory

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Ignorance is not always bliss

I’m not really sure how to respond to this ….

I have a friend that works in a daycare.. She had a new child (10 mos old) start in her class a couple of weeks ago, and when the mom came in the week before to finalize everything and give instructions, etc., the mom mentioned she was T1 and she does not give her son any carbs, including rice cereal, because she does not want him to get diabetes like she did.


Granted, I do not know anything about this mom. I’ve never met her.. But my friend asked me if there was anything she could say to her (because my friend knew enough to know that was not necessarily accurate.) I told her that it is certainly the mom’s prerogative on whether or not to feed her child carbs. But that IMO it does not matter whether or not she gives him carbs – that will not determine whether or not he becomes diabetic. She could not give him carbs and he could still get it one day. My 16 years of being able to go trick-or-treating before my dx, is not the reason I found out I was diabetic at the age of 17.

I get that so many people are still incredibly ignorant (meaning just NOT knowledgeable) when it comes to diabetes. But this one kind of surprised me.

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CDE appt this week

So I’m meeting with my new CDE this week on Wednesday. I honestly cannot remember the last time I met with a CDE. I had one when I was first dx’d – she always stuck out to me because she was also a Type 1.

I’ve been keeping an old school log for the past two weeks. Have been having site issues with my pump, so I haven’t worn my CGM. Wondering what else to go in with? Not even sure what questions to ask her?

Sad that I’ve been T1 for almost 22 years and I feel like a brand new patient going into this appointment. Part of me wants to go in with a clean slate – show her my info and say let’s start from scratch. I’ve been managing this on my own for over a decade, for the most part, and have never had a “team”.

Anyone have any words of wisdom or suggestions to better prepare me for Wednesday? :)

Thanks in advance, y’all!

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From the mouth of ….. a six year old

My 6 yr old son is extremely perceptive. He has always known mommy has diabetes, even if he can’t fully grasp what that means. But if we see/hear diabetes on anything he always points it out.

Lately he’s started asking more questions. He’ll ask why do I have diabetes. And will ask if I wished I didn’t have it. And will he or his brothers have it. Or he’ll say HE wishes I didn’t have it.

I just tell him that I’d obviously rather not have it, but that it’s ok that I do. And my husband chimed in on the conversation the other day and said “Mommy wishes she didn’t have it, but she’s been able to help a lot of people that she wouldn’t have known, if she didn’t have diabetes.” Wow. That right there is one of the #1 reasons I started blogging in the first place. But even before blogging, I was very active in my local JDRF chapter, and I was a Mentor and just wanted to spread the word. To try to change the myths so many people had and still have about this disease.

And the other day I pulled into Sonic to grab something for my son to eat for dinner as a treat, and I was undecided on whether or not I wanted to eat or wait till I got home. He finally asked why I hadn’t ordered yet.. I said “I am just trying to decide if I’m going to eat or not.”

He leaned up and put his 6 yr old little hand on my shoulder and said, “Mommy, it’s very important that you eat because of your diabetes. So I think you should eat dinner.” I almost cried. I explained that I would in fact EAT.. I just didn’t know if I wanted to eat at Sonic. :)

I heart him so much.

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Changes are sometimes good… right?

I’ve been active in my local JDRF chapter for over 20 years …. For the first several years, I went as a walk participant on my mom’s company’s team. And then about 10 years ago I signed up to work on the Logistics team that helps to plan the walk. I started out on the Food Committee and helped organize food for the event. Then I became the Food Chair. Then I was asked to Co-Chair the walk about 6 yrs ago, and I did that up until last year.

We have always had a kickoff event around this time of year – it started out being a really fun dinner/party that was intended to get everyone pumped up for the walk and get excited about fundraising and attending the walk. There were door prizes and giveaways (one year I won a tv!) and I always left there with my chest puffed out a little with pride. And super pumped (pun intended) about reaching out to my family/friends that have supported me all of these years to ask, yet again, for donations.

Then a couple of years ago, with a new regime and lower budget, it was cut way back and fewer people attended and it just wasn’t the same. But I still went. Because I was still the co-chair and the walk has always been VERY important to me.

This year I had not heard anything about a kickoff event. So I emailed my local chapter and I received what appeared to be a form letter of such. Telling me that they’re happy I’m “back” this year (was I gone?) and that this year we are part of a pilot group that is changing the name of the walk from “JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes” to “JDRF One Walk”. Also, there will be no kickoff event. And no awards event (which we’ve always had, as well. This is where I’ve received all my awards from years past.)

I’m not sure how I feel about that …. Granted I’m just one person. But I’m one person that has been VERY involved in my chapter for over two decades. I’ve helped plan the walk for a decade. And I’m fine with taking a step back to attend the walk with my family again. I’ve actually looked forward to that. My six year old gets excited about going every year. And I hope my twins look forward to it as they get older, too. But I’ll miss the “small” stuff. Like the kickoff, and the awards banquet. I am not sure yet what to expect this year, and I’ll certainly going into it with an open mind … but I am not sure it’s the right thing to do to cut out so much of the stuff that we are used to from years’ past. We’ve made a lot of changes recently – in the last 3 years alone we’ve changed the location, the regime at the local corporate office, downscaled the events, etc.

I’m hoping that this year will be better than ever. It’ll just be different. And sometimes change can be good. :)

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Purple is the new Black

I’ve had a couple of D sightings over the last week …

Last week we took a mini vacation for a road trip down south (in Texas, you can drive for literally 12+hours and still be in Texas, fyi) and one of the stops was an outlet mall. I was walking through one of the stores and saw a woman walk by who had the purple Medtronic pump just like mine. (Why is it that we get so excited when we see someone “like” us out there?? lol) So the next time she walked by, I said, “Hi” and pointed to my hip, where I was sporting mine on my jeans. She just said, “Oh, and yours is even purple, too.” and kept on walking. She apparently wasn’t nearly as excited as I was. haha

Then yesterday I was at Sprouts buying some vitamins for my boys and a young girl that worked there walked by me and said, “Oh you’re diabetic, too!” I said, “Yep. I assume you are, too?” (no pump in site on her – pardon the pun) and she said “Yes. I used to wear a pump, it was even purple just like yours. But I went back to the flex pens about a year ago.” I then did the nosey thing and asked her out of curiousity why she went off the pump (I’ve personally gone off of it before, too, so I know there are pros/cons for everyone.) She said that she’d given herself too much flexibility and was “going downhill fast” so she went back on the pens so she’d have to be more structured.

I told her I understood, I’d been there, and that I thought it was awesome that she’d recognized there was a “problem” and did something about it. She seemed super appreciative of my comments. Then we both went on our separate ways. :)

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New Endo Appt Update

I had my appt this morning with the new Endo .. I was pretty nervous going in, but was determined to go in with an open mind and a positive attitude. I’ll go over the facts from the appt and then y’all can let me know if I’m being too nitpicky? It’s been so long since I’ve had to find a new dr, that maybe some of these things are the norm nowadays?

When I was in the waiting room, they called me back but just called me by my last name and then when I went back with the nurse she never said “Hi” or “How are you?” No small talk.. Just told me to step on the scale, and then measured my height. Put me in a room and asked some basic questions. Then said the dr would be in soon.

(Side note: My old dr is in his own practice, and one thing that did keep me going to him for as long as I did was the one on one aspect of it – his office staff was very small, only 4 people, so everyone knew me as soon as I walked in and you do get treated differently in that type of practice. I knew that this would be a larger practice and I’d be giving that up but hoping that the good outweighs the “bad.)

A few minutes later, he poked his head in the door and said he’d be back in 5 min, but he had a big smile and was super chipper so I thought “so far so good!”

When he came in, there were no introductions, he just sat down and got straight to business. Still had a smile… but never looked me in the eye. First thing was he commented that he knows my former Endo (great *sigh*) and said that they have different styles of practicing medicine (good!) He asked why I was switching and I said it’s nothing personal against my old dr, but he’s very traditional and not very hands on, and I want to have more of a team effort, with someone in my corner to help/guide/support me. He said that this practice is much bigger, very involved in research, and has 6 CDE’s on staff that I would be able to meet with regularly. (Great!)

Then he starts talking about how people with diabetes don’t die from diabetes. They die from complications of diabetes, mostly heart disease related. (I already know this … and I suffer from pretty bad anxiety related to this. I feel like a ticking time bomb sometimes, just convinced I’m going to have a heart attack – but I digress.. )

He was flipping through my medical records and making conversation about how he likes to see an LDL of <100 … mine last year was 155 (yeah, I know … bad) but I told him that if he can find this most recent one from June, it had come way down. He found it and it was 97. (high five, right?) Then he said that he REALLY thinks it should be closer to 70. (Didn't you just say <100 was good?) Ok so we'll get it closer to 70. I've dropped it 58 pts .. what's another 30.

Then he sees my last A1C, which was 6.7. He said that's "fantastic" and he likes to see 6.5-7.0. And proceeds to tell me that there are recent studies that show that if you have an A1C < 6.5 there are higher risks of heart disease. (huh??) So yay me for having an A1c in a "perfect" range (according to this particular dr) but should I NOT try to improve it by going < 6.5 now??

He did check my feet, which my last dr only did maybe twice the entire 12+ years I saw him. (looked fine)

He checked my thyroid and noticed the nodule I have that was biopsied 3 yrs ago (benign) and said we'd keep an eye on it. Said it might be Hoshimoto.

He listened to my heart for MAYBE two seconds. If that. Did not listen to the back (lungs?) just in the front.

At one point he was typing on the computer and glanced over at me and said, "Yea, you're a tad overweight. If you lose some weight, your insulin resistance will be better." (huh??) I told him "Well, I weigh less now than I did when I got pregnant with my twins that were just born last year. It's coming off slowly but surely."

So after all that, he said he wants to raise my cholesterol Rx. Said BP was good so no change there. Wants me to see the CDE in the next few weeks (appt scheduled for end of August) and she and I will be able to work on tweaking my pump settings, etc. (I've been doing those myself for YEARS and am looking forward to having some guidance there.)

Then he got up and left the room … no "goodbye", no "nice to meet you", "see you in 3 months", nada. I had no idea if we were even finished? I sat there for a second thinking "is he coming back?" and when he didn't, I peaked out in the hall … nobody. So I assumed then that we were finished. I grabbed my purse and headed to check out. When I was checking out, the lady said "Ok it looks like he wants you to come back to have a ….. bone density test?" I said, "No, he wants me to see the CDE." She said "Ohhhh ok, that must be what DE means." (huh??)

He also did not ask to see my BG log. Did not even ask anything about my BG's. Did not ask if I needed any Rx's.

There are several doctors in this practice… and I've heard great things about 3 or 4 of them – nothing about this particular one. But when I called to make the appt a few weeks ago, I was not able to get in to see any of the ones I'd heard about for various reasons (booked too far out, and one doesn't take new T1 patients.) So I'm debating whether or not I'm being too picky on some of these things that "bothered" me? He seemed nice enough. But I was naively hoping for less "worst case scenario" talk and more sincere conversation about my diabetes management. I definitely want to meet with this CDE – have heard nothing but great things about her from different people. So maybe if I really like her, and she's the one helping me with my pump settings, etc, then I can look past some of today's weirdness and hope that the next appt is better? Or should I try to see another dr in the practice next time? Not sure if that is frowned upon or not.

Would appreciate any feedback/opinions ……….. Thanks!

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