I got this

So I have my new Endo appt scheduled for this week (Wednesday morning). I don’t know why I’m so nervous about it … but I am. I haven’t had to switch Endos in over 12 years. And even though I know this move is long overdo.. I’m still anxious/nervous about it. Part of the problem with the last one was I’d gotten too comfortable with him. I was basically only going to him in order to get my Rx’s. And honestly, I’m worried this one will challenge me – even though I know that is a GOOD thing. I’ve managed it myself for so many years, that I tend to get defensive when someone questions why I do something a certain way, or why I DON’T do something a certain way … and I recognize that that is not a good thing – I know it comes from a good place. Just being real.

I am actually in better control, diabetes-wise, than I have been in as long as I can remember. So I need to give myself a pep talk to walk in there on Wednesday with my head held up knowing I GOT this. And maybe it’s just the idea of not knowing what to expect that has me so anxious..? I don’t know.

What I do know is that this is going to be a good change. And that like I said, it’s WAY overdo.

Curious, though, for those that have changed doctors in the recent years, are there any specific questions I should ask HIM or be prepared for – I feel like this should be a two way street. I’ve always heard of it as a “diabetic team” and I’ve frankly never had one of those. :/

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Wordless Wednesday: Update on test strip collection ;)

An update from my post in January… 196 days so far (plus the first few strips I’ve used today)


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I have a play yard set up in my living room for the twins to play in … because, well let’s be honest – when I’m home with just them and my 6 yr old, I’m outnumbered. haha So several times a day I go in the play yard with them and sit and play with them, read to them, whatever happens to be the case. :)

A couple of weeks ago when I was in there … one of the twins found my pump. Now he’s obsessed with it. He knows that if he lifts my shirt a little, he’ll find that little box clipped to my pants. His brother is now becoming curious. I let them look at it, I don’t want them to be scared of it, so if I say “No No” every time they get near it, then I think they’ll be “scared” of it … but I do want to teach them that it’s not a video game where they can start pushing buttons. haha One of them almost ripped it out the other day because he found it and reached for it so quickly, that he pulled his hand away with a handful of tubing. Close call! lol

But it’s funny to watch them – it’s like they’ve found some mystery toy that they’re super excited about. Doesn’t take much to excite a one year old, folks. Or two one year olds in this case.

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Education is Key

Today I had my annual eye exam – I actually missed last year’s exam (hey, I’d just given birth to TWO humans … I get a free pass lol) but am happy to report that again, my dr claims he sees “no signs of diabetes” — which is always nice to hear. :) I’ve worn glasses since ’92, around 6 mos before my dx … but so far no “damage” has been done by this disease, and for that I am very thankful!

I had a couple of interesting conversations with both the nurse and the doctor, though.

First, the nurse was taking my information and asking questions.. it came up with the “what has changed since you were last year?” and my answer was “Well, I’ve had twin babies since then.” lol And then we talked about my diabetes, I mentioned I’ve been a Type 1 diabetic for almost 22 years now. She asked about my insulin pump .. I told her my A1C (when she asked what range I’m usually in) and at some point I forget what I said but her response was, “So you had to still keep taking insulin even after you had the babies?”


I was very nice, though. I paused and said, “Yes, with Type 1, I am insulin dependent and have to give myself insulin 24/7 for the rest of my life. It was not gestational diabetes, which typically goes away after pregnancy.”

So then the dr comes in later, and I’ve been going to him for almost 10 years now so it’s not like I’m a new patient … He was reading my info and said “So is your Endocrinologist happy with this A1C?” Huh? I am actually pretty proud of that number .. it’s lower than it’s been in a long time … when I answered “Yes” He said “Hmph. Ok.” What is THAT supposed to mean ???

Then he also asked about my insulin pump .. how much I take daily on average, etc. I told him and he said, “How’s the pump working out for you?” I told him it was great .. I’ve had it on this time for 7 years but I’ve worn it off/on for about 17 years. He said “Where do you have it now?” He was asking where it’s inserted… I was wondering how that is even the slightest bit pertinent to my EYE exam but I told him in my stomach and he seemed satisfied with that answer and we moved on ….

Sometimes I’m reminded of how uneducated people are about diabetes .. but hopefully I planted a couple of seeds today that both of them will remember the next time they’re talking to another diabetic. :)

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Changes are a-comin’ …

Well… I posted recently about wanting to find a new Endo, and regardless of how I want to look at it, the decision was made FOR me.

I had my last checkup with him about 3 weeks ago, and it went well. Everything looked “great” and I was good to go for another 3 months. Then about a week after my appt, I got a letter in the mail from his office… saying that he could no longer “provide medical services” to me due to my “not paying my medical expenses.” The back story on that all goes back to an insurance glitch from when my insurance changed last year. It was not a large amount at all. And he never said a word about it when I was in his office. Neither did his staff. In fact, his wife, who works at the front desk, asked me about it only twice last year and both times I explained it was an insurance glitch and I was going back and forth with them to get it taken care of – both times she said no problem.

BUT I’m looking at this as a blessing.. because I was obviously having a difficult time pulling off that proverbial Band-Aid. :) In fact, I’ve already booked an appt for later this month with the practice that I’ve been referred to by several other T1s. It wasn’t with the two doctors I have personally heard about but I’m sure the one I’m seeing is just as good, and if anything he’s GOT to offer better care than I’ve received the last 14 years…. (Side note – my “current/former” Endo is a very nice person… just not providing anywhere near the level of service that I feel I need. He basically just writes my Rx’s for me. And as my friend pointed out recently, I could go to a regular GP and get that done if I had to. But I want more than that. I deserve more.)

Stay tuned … fingers crossed this goes well. I’m nervous to start over after almost 14 years.. but I do feel at peace with it, and am looking forward to a new chapter and stepping up my diabetes management. :)

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Witch doctor? Maybe.

Over the last few months, I had some friends that had started using essential oils and although I was happy for them that their families seemed to be healthier as a result, I kept thinking it sounded awfully “witch-doctor-y” to me … but to each their own, right? ;)

Until my hubby got sick one weekend and was throwing up, high fever, the works. My friend offered to bring over some peppermint oil to try, and by that point my hubby was so sick that he was willing to try anything. We used the oil, and within the hour, his fever broke and he did not throw up anymore. I thought, “Hmm… maybe there’s something to this after all. Or maybe it was just a fluke.”

I kept thinking about the oils, and seeing firsthand how they were helping my friends and their families … so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and bought the starter kit (honestly, I initially only bought the kit so I could get the diffuser). I cannot even explain how that has been by far THE best investment I’ve made all year.

My 6 yr old son has really bad allergies. As a result, the drainage almost always goes to his chest, which causes breathing problems, which results in breathing treatments and steroid Rx’s. And he’s very prone to strep and ear infections. Since we’ve started using oils on him every day, he’s not been on any antibiotics, nor has he had any OTC meds. The dr wanted to started him on a daily Zyrtec regimen, but I’ve been using oils on him instead … and he’s been fine. One week I ran out of one of the oils I use on him every day (Thieves) and that week he ended up in the ER for allergy-induced asthma. I’ll be making sure to NOT run out of that one again anytime soon. :)

My one year old twins have stayed healthy, also. I rub lavender on their feet every night. And if they pull on their ears, I rub lavender (and sometimes lemon) around the outside of their ears.. and they’re both healthy. Last week, they all 3 were having allergy issues and even though I’d been hitting it hard with the oils, I took them to the dr just to be on the safe side. He said all three were fine – nobody left there with any Rx’s or meds. :) I was very proud of that. One of the twins had a fever out of nowhere earlier this week that spiked up to 104 – with NO symptoms of anything going on – and I took him to the after hours clinic. The dr told me that it was viral, nothing we can do but keep an eye on him, but said to be prepared for it to turn into an infection – ears, upper respiratory, something. But I came home, used peppermint oil to bring the fever down, gave him a lukewarm bath, and diffused and applied Thieves… and he’s been FINE. It’s crazy, I know.

But best of all.. I’VE managed to stay healthy. As most of you know, having a busted pancreas also means having a jacked up immune system. I fought off a stomach bug a couple of weeks ago, and was feeling better in less than 24 hours – AND nobody else managed to get sick. The biggest thing for me is I have also been able to wean myself off of Lexapro (for anxiety) with the help of oils.

**Disclaimer- I am NOT a doctor. I do not in any way, shape, or form, think that the oils have “cured” anyone in my family of any ailment. But I do think they have helped lessened our exposure to germs, and have also helped with boosting our immune systems. I’m only going by the fact that at least one of us seemed to be sick all.the.time before starting the oils.

If you wanna know more about them, or how they have helped us, just let me know. I’d love to share more stories and/or give you suggestions on how to help you or your family. :)

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Change is (going to be) good

For those of you that have followed my blog for awhile, you know that I have been talking about needing to find a new Endo .. but that I haven’t yet done it. For no reason other than I like some of the office staff my dr has. But the main person I like is now in the front office (used to be his nurse) and she’s about to go on maternity leave. And I like that it’s a small office – so I always can talk to a person (only 5 people work there, including the dr).

But there have been many reasons I’ve needed to switch for a long time now. As in for YEARS I’ve needed to switch. I’ve basically managed my own diabetes for the past 12ish years.. he just writes my Rx’s. (I know.. I know … ) But now he’s not even doing that well, so I think this most recent issue has become the straw that’s breaking the proverbial camel’s back.

When I last saw him in March, I had recently made some changes to my diet – I had started using HerbaLife and it was doing great things for me (still am using it, but that’s not the point .. ) He’d always written my Humalog Rx’s for 100 units per day. I usually took 75-80, and this gave me a cushion for “off” days. I mentioned during this appt that since starting the shakes, I was down to taking 50-60 units per day. But I also mentioned that I’d just recently made these changes (meaning- I hope this good luck streak continues, but who knows.)

I get to the pharmacy to drop off my Rx and that’s when I noticed he’d written the Rx for FIFTY units/per day.. Huh?? Why on earth would you do that? We did not talk about decreasing the Rx. So instead of dropping it off, I called the dr’s office to have them change it before I drop it off. When I called, he agreed to up it to 75…. what?? It’s ALWAYS been 100u. Why are you messing with my LIFE SUPPORT???? *sigh* But I was running low on my supply at home, and I was still averaging 50-60u/day so I turned in the 75u Rx.

Fast forward almost 3 months and I’m getting ready for my next appt. Except that I’m now on my last vial. I’d had a stomach bug and just lots of “off” days … which resulted in me going through that insulin faster than he apparently anticipated. *sigh*

So I called the office to see if I can pick up a new Rx – my appt is scheduled for June 9th, can I go ahead and get a new one .. BUT I need this one written for the 100u like it’s ALWAYS been. (I still have no idea why he’d cut it in HALF without talking to me about it … but whatever) And get this ….. his compromise was he’d call in two vials to get me through till my appt and THEN he’ll write a new Rx for 9 more vials at my appt …. huh??? I’m not sure if he was worried I wasn’t going to come in for my appt or what … But this one did me in. You can’t jack around with my INSULIN … it’s the ONLY Rx I take that I canNOT go without ….

So I’ve been calling around to a couple of local Endos. They are in bigger practices, so I won’t get the one on one treatment that I’ve grown accustomed to. BUT I have to believe that there are actual dr’s that will manage this disease with/for me .. and not leave me out here doing it alone. It’d be interesting to go to one that has a CDE, also. I haven’t seen one of those since my Dx in ’92!

Wish me luck … I’m not a fan of change. But I’m going to go through with it this time …. And I expect y’all to hold me to it. ;) Stay tuned ….

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