CGM Reliance

It’s funny how things can change in a relatively short amount of time. I’ve had an Rx for my CGM supplies since I was pregnant with the twins (they were born last April). However, I only wore it sporadically. Frankly, at the time, I barely had enough real estate to insert my pump’s infusion site, much less my CGM site. So I’d put it on for a few days here and there, just to check for patterns, then off it went again for awhile.

Until recently. In January I started wearing it again. Mainly because I was having a lot of low’s after changing my diet pretty significantly. And the CGM alarm would help me cut the wonkiness off at the pass most of the time.

I especially relied on it at night. Even if I personally slept through a lot of the alarms, my hubby (and my friend, who shared a hotel with me on a recent trip) would wake me to let me know that my pump would not shut up. lol

Or today, when I took a short nap (hey, don’t judge, the rule is to sleep when the babies sleep, right? That rule doesn’t expire, does it???) and I felt very sluggish when I woke up – only to find that my meter said I was 42. Had I been wearing my CGM, it would’ve likely woken me up before it had gotten so low.

Now on days I am not wearing it, I find myself looking at the screen to see what my BG is. Out of habit. And I only go a couple of days here and there without it, where as before I was only wearing it a couple of days in between sometimes months of NOT wearing it.

We are so very fortunate to have the technology available to us these days. I can say even 21+ years ago when I was dx’d, technology was no where near what it is today. And for that, I am very grateful. Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to go put my CGM back on. :)

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D sighting?

While in line at Target the other day, there was a young couple in line in front of me. They only had two things – I forget what one of them was, but the other was a Juicy Juice juice box. The size I use for my low bg’s. And as soon as the cashier rang it up, the girl opened it and started drinking it.

I didn’t say anything .. but I’m guessing she was likely treating a low blood sugar.

Either that, or she was really thirsty and in a random mood for an apple juice. :)

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Grossed out?

There was a lot of buzz last week about the Miss Manners article. I’m not actually going to state my opinions on it … other than to say that when I was still taking manual shots, in the early days (20ish yrs ago) I would get up and go to the bathroom to take my shot. But that was when I was taking Regular insulin and had to take it 30 min before eating (which was always fun when at a restaurant and had no idea how long it would take to get the food.. but I digress.) When it got to a point where it was a 5 minute window from injection to eating, I started taking it at the table once the food was there. I always tried to be discreet, even when checking my blood sugar. But that’s just my two cents.

The other night, in the midst of all the Miss Manners buzz, I had the rare occassion of being able to take my now 6 yr old son to dinner – just me and him (I also have twin 10 mos old sons, so I don’t get out much with just my 6 yr old.) He’s been around my diabetes his whole life and asks questions, makes statements, and it’s just what it is with him.

This particular night he asked a question he’s not asked before. We were sitting at the table, and I pulled out my meter to check my blood sugar. I did what I always do and squeezed the drop of blood, put the blood on the test strip, then licked my finger. Yes, that may gross some of you out – but some of you know that you do the same thing. ;)

He watched me with his little inquisitive eyes and then said, “Was that red stuff blood?”

I answered, “Yes, it was.”

To which he replied, “Aren’t you worried someone might see your blood and get grossed out?”

Hmmm. I found the timing of that question incredibly interesting.

So I took the opportunity to ask him if he was grossed out by it – he said no. I said, “I am not able to eat my food without checking my blood sugar. And in order to check my blood sugar, I have to use a drop of my blood. I suppose someone could be grossed out by it, but I try to be quick with it, just in case.”

I’m someone who is always uber aware of my surroundings and if someone is staring at me dealing with my diabetes (which does happen sometimes) I try to be even more discreet. Other times I have no problem pulling out my meter and checking my bg, and putting it back away. Sometimes it actually starts conversations with people. I’m not ashamed of my diabetes. I didn’t ask to have this disease. I have to do certain things, such as checking my blood sugar, numerous times a day in order to live. It is what it is and those of us who live with it do what we have to do 24/7. :)

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Wordless Wednesday: Golden Sneakers

I take a lot of pride in my growing JDRF awards. :)


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So much to learn

I’ve been trying to be healthier overall lately… Just eating less and making better choices. Diets don’t work for me- never have. I’m not a huge fan of veggies (but working on that) so it’s been a gradual change for me.

One thing I’ve changed is eating earlier/better for dinner. The other night I made this for dinner:


It was super yummy. Contents: spinach, kale, romain, shredded chicken, corn, homemade guacamole, and salsa. I had to swag the carbs based on the corn and avocado so I went with 20, thinking it might be a little higher but playing it safe.

About 40 min later, my cgm starts beeping and I’m 48 with arrows down. Ruh roh. I suspended my pump and downed two juice boxes.

I texted my friend (who has a T1 daughter) and she said that high fiber meals digest slower…so basically my insulin hit my system before the food did (which became evident when I later shot up to 200 *sigh*).

My friends will say “did you square bolus for this” or “dual wave for that”? The answer is usually no. Because frankly I don’t know enough about how foods break down. *hangs head in shame*

I’ve been diabetic for over 21 years. And there are still SO many things that I don’t know…but should. I was dx’d one month before my 18th bday – too old for my mom to manage it for me but too young to know how to properly manage it on my own.

As frustrated as I get when avoidable things like this happen to me, I’m constantly reminded by how incredibly fortunate I am to be surrounded by friends that DO know so much more and are always there for me when I need them. :)

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Wordless Wednesday

So I thought of this idea late last year but decided to wait till January 1st to start doing it – I’m going to collect all my test strips for 2014. Sounds weird, you say? Here’s why I’m doing it… I can tell someone “Oh I check my blood sugar 5-8 times every day.” But actually SEEING the strips … puts it into perspective and just HOW many times that means I’ve poked my fingers. Even when I counted what I have in here just so far (only 15 days – and today is not even half over!) kinda suprised even me. (93 so far and it’s only Jan 15th).

Should be interesting to see how full this bowl gets by the end of the year …. that’s a lot of holes in my fingers.

Test strips - Jan 15

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My 5 year old is an old soul, as a friend of mine recently pointed out to me. And he says some pretty insightful things.

Tonight he saw the boxes that my recent pump supplies came in, and he asked me what was in the boxes.

Me: My insulin pump supplies and test strips. The stuff I need for my diabetes.

A: Why do you need so much stuff to take care of your diabetes?

Me: Well…. It’s a complicated disease, so it takes a lot of “stuff” for mommy to manage it.

A: Can you ask the boss of diabetes why you need so much stuff? Who IS the boss of diabetes anyway?

Me: Well… There’s not really a “boss” of diabetes. I have to take care of it myself.

A: There’s always a boss. Someone has to make the important decisions.

I found that pretty interesting. Think about it…. Technically I am the “boss” of my diabetes, as is any other diabetic. But there are many other decision makers that influence HOW I’m able to manage my disease.

There is the FDA.

Beloved insurance companies – after all they get to decide what “stuff” I get to use to manage my diabetes. And how much of that “stuff” I get to use.

Doctors – they write the Rx’s for us so we can even get the “stuff”.

Pharma companies – they do the research and decide what’s acceptable “stuff” that we need to use in other to manage our own disease.

Device companies – they decide how the devices should work .. Whether it’s blood sugar meters, insulin pumps, CGM’s, etc. it’s only been somewhat recently that these companies are listening to those of us that actually use their “stuff” and using our input when making future changes, etc. this is huge that we are having a voice when it comes to these things. After all, I wear my pump 24/7/365, and for me, personally, I like knowing that Medtronic is listening to others like me about what improvements need to be made, etc.

Unfortunately answers aren’t always as simple to grown ups as they can be to a 5 year old…. but still a good question nonetheless. :)

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